Working with clay is an ancient craft.


At Burrelli we have an unmatched reputation for excellence which extends through every aspect of our family business - from design, production and function to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Burrelli pots are the result of years of experience and passion, recreating pottery which has been treasured and admired for literally thousands of years.

Each Burrelli pot is handmade using a technique known as rope coiling. Even our very large pots are made on the wheel in one piece, giving the pot great strength and purity of form.

Each pot is completed over two to three days, then carefully dried over three to four week period before being kiln fired to 1100 degree C. This firing imparts the now finished pot with it’s colour, strength, durability and frost resistance.

Burrelli pots reproduce the form and shapes that have been used and treasured in every day life throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years. These pots are known for their style and simplicity and are still highly sought after today.

We at Burrelli continue this tradition.